Webcare Support

We protect and maintain your website as well as provide allocated hours each month dedicated to public-facing website edits.

WebCare Monthly Support

Our WebCare plans provide two primary components.

1. Backend Maintenance & Monitoring (This is our security component)

2. A monthly allocated number of hours for use when you need something done on your website.


What’s included


Websites that run on CMS (Content Management Systems) require constant upkeep. If this is not managed every website runs an ever-increasing security risk as core files, plugins, etc. becomes outdated. The risk you face is getting hacked and either having your website defaced, removed, or having your website injected with malicious code. When this happens the incurred cost to recover from such an event can become very costly. In some cases, if you did not have adequate backups, you’ll need your website recreated from scratch.

To avoid the above we actively keep a vigilant eye on your website to make sure the above does not happen, and even if it does happen, our pre-emptive measures will ensure that your website is back online very quickly.

Let’s look at a breakdown of the security component of our WebCare Plan.


Security hardening of your website to keep hackers from accessing your site. Security hardening simply means that we close any of the 100’s of weak points (security vulnerabilities) that hackers scan for in order to gain access to your website.


Updates to website core files, theme files, plugins, and extensions. Outdated files are a huge reason for websites getting hacked and are also the reason why websites or parts of websites often stop working.


Regular secondary website backups to Amazon S3. Your website is checked before these backups run so their integrity can be insured. We do these secondary backups because automated hosting backups can’t always be trusted as it will backup your account even if your site is broken or hacked because it assumes it the client’s responsibility to stay on top of their website. We remove the headache of failed backups when you need it most.

Real-time Monitoring

Security monitoring for any malicious activity or anything else that can cause a problem for your website. An example of something we actively monitor for 24/7 is a sudden increase in a person or bot attempting to access your website by running a brute force attack or any of the many tactics they employ. In this specific case, we can identify their IP address and block that IP or all IP’s in the same range. We can also analyze what they did and block future attempts by automating certain actions to run as soon as the specified malicious activity is detected.


A response could mean actively preventing your website from being hacked while that hacking attempt is in progress or it could mean repairing and/or restoring your website in the rare event that something does go wrong. Response means we are on standby and ready to handle whatever comes your way.


These hours can be used for minor changes to your website content. (change some text, swap out an image, etc.). Every time you ask us to do something here time will be deducted from your monthly time allocation (your hours per month).

What is not included

  • The above plans do not include website redesign, custom graphics, written content, etc.


Why would hackers want to hack my website?

Hackers do not manually seek out websites to hack. They use automated software to scan the internet for sites with vulnerabilities. When any weaknesses in a website are detected this software is able to automatically execute certain functions, like creating a user account so that an actual person can access your website later on and then install anything they want.

Can I handle the security aspects of my website on my own?

If you have the expertise and knowledge on how to do all these things then you can certainly do it yourself. The most important thing is that someone takes care of your website updates, security, monitoring, etc. if you can’t do it and you don’t want us to do it, then it is important that you get someone to do it. If you don’t and your website gets hacked, defaced, or destroyed, your cost is going to be far more than if you opted for a WebCare plan or any other similar plan.

Can I handle the changes and updates to my own website?

Absolutely. Many people handle this on their own. You do have access to your website and if you don’t you are welcome to request that we create a user account for you. You’ll then be able to take care of your website 100% by yourself.

Please note that if you break something that you are not able to fix that you could incur a substantial cost when getting someone else to fix what you broke.

Monthly Packages

  • 3 Hours per Month » $255.00
  • 6 Hours per Month » $420.00

Please note that you are not just paying for the hours shown above. You are paying for the security-related tasks we’ll do on a daily and weekly basis throughout the month. We simply highlight the hours above as those are hours exclusively allocated for when you want us to make changes or updates to the public-facing side of your website.

In addition to the hours shown above, our security component uses another 10 – 12 hours per month for which you are not actually charged. Our normal hourly rate is $125 so 3 hours would cost you $375 and that’s without counting the time we spend on keeping your site secure (10 – 12 hours p/month).


  • Payment to be made in advance each month on the commencement date of your first payment.
  • Packages reset every month. Unused hours do not rollover.
  • The price is per client. Packages can be used for multiple client-owned websites.
  • Exceeded your monthly hours? You can buy another package valid for the remainder of the purchase month, or you can pay our hourly fee x the number of hours you need.
  • Once you sign up for a package your price will remain the same even when we raise prices in the future. This no longer applies if you cancel your plan.
  • If you need anything done beyond the scope of our WebCare plan we will provide a quote.
  • Hours will only be deducted for the work you ask us to do. This means that any ongoing preventative maintenance we do related to your website security, updates, etc. does not incur a deduction of the monthly hours you pay for. In essence, this means your plan technically includes more hours than the hours you pay for.