Advanced Websites

If you can imagine it we can do it. Let us know what you need and let’s get started.

Advanced and Highly Complex Websites Starting at $4,500.00.

Real Estate Websites

Job Board Websites

Car Dealership Sites

School Management Sites

Multi-Site Networks

Business Directories

Social Media Websites

Auction Websites

Broadcasting Websites

Music Websites

Classified Ads Websites

Dating Websites

News Websites

MLM Site Networks

Hospital Management Sites

Need something else? Let us know what type of website you need. We can do anything.

Questions & Answers

Do you support ongoing project updates and changes?

We certainly do. Everything we provide to your company in relation to this project is entirely dependant on your needs. Let us know what your team requires and we’ll structure a proposal accordingly.

Complex development projects often need to have changes implemented based on user feedback and being able to accommodate this need for a recently launched and rapidly growing project is crucial to your bottom line.

Rest assured that we’ll be there to work as hard as you to see you realize the success you envision and to know that your users are happy with your service.

Will you also provide the web hosting we'll need?

We actually prefer to provide the web hosting and the reason is simply that we are better able to respond to project related requirements when you need us to.

If we provide the web hosting we are also able to ensure that your project is housed and running smoothly on the exact type of hardware infrastructure it needs.

We’ll be able to discuss this when we hop on a call with you and your team.

Can we interact with and test our project before it's finished?

During the development of your project, we’ll be able to provide you with access to your project for exactly this purpose.

You’ll be able to look at implemented features and functionality and provide feedback that will help us develop exactly what you need.

The public will not be able to see anything until launch.

Are your team able to help fine-tune an idea we have?

If you require consultation to turn your basic idea into a viable and validated plan then we can absolutely help.

We’ll discuss your consultation needs during an initial discovery call and later on, if you need us to help develop and launch your project, we’ll make sure and be there with you all the way.

Can we meet in person?

We don’t do in-person meetings but if you are serious about wanting to meet face-to-face we can certainly schedule a video call. Let us know and we’ll get something on the books.

Our reasons for not doing in-person meetings is as follows:

  1. We have clients everywhere, thus in-person meetings would not be possible due to geographic differences.
  2. In-person meetings lead to a 22% and up drop in productivity.
  3. Technological innovation has rendered in-person meetings outdated.

Our Process

✅ For Advanced Websites our process typically works as follows:

1️⃣ Complete the Form below. As soon as we receive this information we’ll know when you prefer to be contacted and we’ll call you on that day and time.

2️⃣ We’ll have a phone or Skype conversation. During this conversation, we’ll listen to your needs so that we are able to ascertain if we are able to do the project you have in mind. We’ll also ask some questions of our own.

3️⃣ We’ll send you a detailed proposal. This proposal will contain a detailed breakdown of your project, what it will include, how long it will take, the cost of your project, and any terms. You’ll be able to update your own pricing by selecting or unselecting the various parts of your proposal.

4️⃣ Once you accept your proposal. As soon as you accept your proposal that proposal will automatically create an invoice so that you’ll be able to make your payment which will give us the go-ahead to start executing your project.

5️⃣ As soon as payment is made, we’ll set you up with your own client dashboard where all project files and progress will be shown and updated as we reach specific milestones. You’ll always be kept in the loop and we’ll talk regularly to go over each phase of the project.

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