Add-on Support

Add-ons are additional support services that help make life easier for existing clients that need it.

Webcare Monthly Support Plans

Most of our websites allow the client to log in and manage their own websites. They are able to update content, add new images, remove content, etc. In addition to this, they would be able to manage their own security, backups, updates, etc.

For many clients, however, this is not an option. They are either to busy running their company or doing the above means having to learn a new skill. Whatever the reason we are here to provide a managed solution for clients who need this.

Our WebCare Support plans provide two included components. First, we manage the security of your website, and secondly, we provide you with a number of allocated hours per month dedicated for use when you want us to edit, change, or update anything on the public-facing side of your website.

Hourly Rate

Hourly rates make the most sense for those times when you need small tasks done or when the expected hours for a task or project cannot be determined.

Please note that on specific projects or campaigns we’ll provide a fixed price irrespective of the hours we put in. We’ll anyway advise you to the option that will be most price friendly to you.


Hourly Rate

  • $75.00 (per hour)


  • Task details must be submitted to us via email. This ensures we have a record of your requirements.
  • When you request a task we’ll provide details on the expected time it will take to complete.
  • If you accept the above an invoice will be provided.
  • Task commences as soon as your payment reaches us.
  • If the task exceeds the hours you paid for, we’ll absorb the cost ourselves.
  • Any changes to the task you requested will require a new quote.
  • The rate above does not apply to consultation services which come with its own rates.

Marketing Consultation

You’re great at running your business but your business is not marketing. To get the best marketing advice that will resonate with you why not book a consultation with someone that can listen to your needs, your plans, and ideas, and help you formulate an effective, sustainable, data-driven, and ROI-positive approach to achieve the results your business seeks to achieve.

We offer consultation services and will hand you a very detailed brief that breaks down what we discussed in prior meetings. Your sales and marketing teams can then implement this plan or you might want to opt for us to also handle the execution, oversight, and reporting, and optimization of the plan you paid us for.

Why not make contact with us so we can schedule a time to talk and we can answer any questions you may have.


FREE – Initial 15-minute discovery call.

$120 – $250 p/hour depending on the scope and time of the consultation you require.

We also have package rates (fixed rate per project) and retainer rates (monthly rates for ongoing consultation work) which can be discussed when we get on a call.

What will be covered?

  • Current Marketing Strategy
  • New Marketing Strategy Development
  • Brand Architecture
  • Consumer Analysis
  • Customer Journey (from discovery to aftercare)
  • Data Monitoring (benchmarks, metrics, KPI’s)