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Sell Digital Marketing Services

What’s the deal?

Every company needs marketing services, not just when they’re starting out, but always. Why not provide them with these services minus the headaches of running your own agency. Leave the logistics to us and make money while we do all the work of service fulfillment and support.

When you decide to work with us you can choose an option that best suits the way you want to sell. You can start by simply telling others about us when the topic of digital marketing comes up or you could start your own company with your own clients and use us to provide white-label services through you to your clients and they’ll never know it’s us.Β 

Actually, in some instances, depending on your level of involvement, we’ll even provide you with leads and when they buy we’ll pay you. Have a look around and get in touch with us to get started.

Ready? Ka-ching!

Choose how you would like to be involved. We have options. Let’s break them down by level of involvement.

  • Word-of-mouth Ambassadors

  • Online Affiliates

  • White-label Resellers (typically agencies)

  • Sales Reps

  • Have a Partnership idea? Let’s chat!

You can join from anywhere. You can work from anywhere. Joining is free forever. We pay you and not the other way around. You can work when you want. Commissions are huge and in most instances recurring, meaning you make money every month for past sales.

WoM Ambassadors

As a Word-of-Mouth Ambassador, your job could not be easier. All we ask of WoM Ambassadors is that you spread the word or that you keep an ear open for anyone that requires the services we provide. All you do then is to mention us to these people and get us in touch with each other.

The best way to do this is to provide us with their details via email or our Submit a Lead form. That way we can contact them, answer any questions they have, and close a sale if they are interested.

Please keep in mind that it is very important that you first get permission from the person whose information you submit. That way they’ll know that we are going to call and will not be confused or unpleasantly surprised.

If a sale closes we’ll pay you what we pay anyone. Simple right?


White-label Resellers

White-label resellers are typically agencies that are looking to add additional services to their overall offering. As a white-label reseller, you find and keep your own clients while we do the work in the background.

As far as your clients are concerned you are the company or person delivering the service. We are never revealed to your clients in any way.Β That is what white-label means.Β 

Providing white-label marketing services is also a great way to start your own business with your own clients if you do not already have a marketing agency.

Your job will be to find clients and we’ll deliver the service. This allows you to focus on growing your business without the logistical hassle or the cost in time and money involved in actually delivering the service.

Sales Reps

As an independent sales rep, you’ll find businesses that need marketing and sales-related services and you’ll then work to close them.

There are various ways to attract leads and close them and if working as a rep is something you’ve done before you’ll already have a system that’s paid off for you in the past.

Whether you’ve done the sales rep thing or not, we’ll help you in any of the following ways:

  • We can send you leads in your area and you can then speak to them on the phone and close them.
  • You can gather the leads and we’ll handle the calls and close them.

The important thing to note is that we are willing to work with you to set you up with a plan that works for you.Β 

Online Affiliates

Online affiliates are the sales reps of the internet. They typically focus on growing huge but niche audiences in the form of subscribers who can then be converted later into buyers of the products or services the affiliate represents.

As one of our affiliates we’ll provide you with all the selling tools you’ll need to get started.

Current commission rates are either a fixed amount per sale, whether it’s once-off or recurring. If it is not fixed then it will be a percentage based on the sales total. This is usually set at around 20%.

For qualifying affiliates, we’ll also pay a commission on the sales of any affiliates you bring to us. We also award bonus payments for closing certain targets per month and we also award our top sales partners for the most sales per year.

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