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We build websites that get your customers’ eyeballs right where you want them.

Websites For Every Need

Every business needs a home on the internet. Let us help you build the best home.

CMS Websites

CMS stands for Content Management System which simply means that the website owner is able to manage updates and changes to their website independently.



Advanced Websites

A few examples of advanced websites would be multi-site networks, school management sites, auction sites, social networking or large community sites, real estate websites, etc.



eCommerce Shopping Cart Websites

Do you have a product or 1000’s products you would like to sell online in a highly automated way?

Your eCommerce website can handle credit card processing, calculate shipping rates, create user accounts, update buyers via email, SMS, or Facebook messenger, and a LOT more.


Multi-Vendor eCommerce Shopping Cart Websites

A multi-vendor shopping cart is a great business in that it allows you to bring on other vendors to create their own stores, upload their own products, etc.

Your store then sells their products and you collect a percentage on each sale. The largest websites on earth are multi-vendor websites.


Sales Funnels

A sales funnel is a very focused website built with the explicit aim to drive sales for a product or service.

Sales funnels utilize a lot of conversion optimization research and consist of very specific sections, pages, and methodologies.

Interested in driving sales for your product or service?

Digital Marketing Services

More Sales | More Clients | More Profit

Reliable Digital Marketing Services designed to give you the optimal Return on Investment.

Social Listening &






Media (PR)


Email List


Social Media




Targeted Lead




Inbound (Content)


Search Engine


Cold Email


Supporting Add-ons

Depending on the package you choose you might need additional help or services at some point in the future. In that case, we want to make sure we are there for you. That is why we provide access to Add-on services (also called auxiliary services) to support your existing and future needs.

  • Monthly Website Frontend Support Packages (For updates and changes to your content, graphics, new pages, etc.)
  • Hourly rates (excellent for small tasks)
  • Stand-alone Web Hosting (Shared, VPS, Dedicated)
  • Domain Name Registration or Transfer
  • Marketing and Sales Consultation
  • Website Blog / Podcast Add-on for all website packages

Free Hosting, Domains, & SSL

Free Web Hosting for 12 Months. We provide high-quality international web hosting for all website clients. The savings for you run between $144 p/year all the way up to $1,920 p/year when you get our multi-Vendor eCommerce plan.

Free Domain Name for year one or for life. We’ll cover the cost of a new domain name in your first year or even for the life of your stay with us, depending on the package you invest in for your company.

Free SSL Certificates for life. We provide free SSL certificates ($250 p/year value) for all clients for as long as you remain with us. SLL keeps you safe, encrypts information flowing from your website and helps your site rank better.

Join the Biztec Digital Family

We’ve managed the online brand presence for multiple companies for over a decade. That’s simply because we’re good at this and our clients recognize this which is why they remain with us for the long term.

Dealing with a single company when it comes to technologies that need to work together makes sense and getting things done is tremendously faster and immensely more reliable.

Having expert partner access with a holistic view of your brand instead of a fragmented one gives you the benefit of accurate insights when you need it.

We do beautiful work that will boost your brand perception. Positive brand perception leads to greater trust flow that will lead to increased audience growth and increased business

We provide high-quality customer support. This extends, not only to when you need to get in touch with us but also to our continued work managing things in the background. It’s great knowing you have a team that’s got your back 24/7.

We use the exact same technology for ourselves that we provide to you. We initially chose it for ourselves. It works for us and our clients. We love it, they love it, and so will you.

Biztec Digital showed us that getting things done doesn’t have to be overly complicated or exorbitantly expensive.

Support is great and their response to questions is super quick and they actually go out of their way to accommodate our unique requirements.

Roger Stevens

Co-founder, B2B Money

After a dismal failure with a previous marketing company, someone suggested Biztec Digital. I spoke to John and could very quickly tell that he knows his stuff and that he understands the complexities of our industry.

So far they’ve been delivering as promised every step of the way. Communication is great as well as our regular updates. Good job guys!

Richard Sikes

Sales Director, Venture Leads

We have a new business that is very time consuming so being able to rely on John and the team is very helpful to us. We can focus on our business while they focus on the marketing side of things.

We’re very happy with our choice thus far. Thank you John. Your advice has already paid off big.

Susan E. Bernard

Partner, Growthio